4 Nov

Quantum Revolution is more than Schrödinger’s Cat: The Discussion

This exchange is part of the ongoing exhibition “Quantum Revolution is more than Schrödinger’s cat” How much translation is necessary to make science accessible? Does Schrödinger´s Cat really help ?

Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik, Hausvogteiplatz 5–7, 10117 Berlin

The Discussion will start with two introductory talks on Quantum Computing (Dr. John Donohue, IQC Waterloo, Canada) and materials research for quantum devices (Prof. Dr. Henning Riechert, Director Paul-Drude-Institut). The panel of experts will discuss the concept of the exhibition showcasing a combination of two fundamentally different approaches to communicate science.

The Exhibition is open from 12-18:00 on Saturday.

Guided tours will be offered. Please send your request to exhibition@pdi-berlin.de.