2 Nov

International Dialogue on STEM

The “International Dialogue on STEM” will focus in various panel discussions and working groups on early childhood education in the domains of STEM, computer science, the arts, and education for sustainable development.

Robert Bosch Stiftung, Berlin Representative Office, Französische Straße 32, 10117 Berlin

“What Skills and Abilities Do Children Need for a Worthwhile Future, and What Contribution Can We Make?” This question will be addressed by the “International Dialogue on STEM”. The international conference will take place under the auspices of the German Commission for UNESCO.

It will focus on early childhood education (for children between the ages of three and around ten) in the domains of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), computer science, the arts, and education for sustainable development. Participants from all over the world – scientists, practitioners, and policy makers – will have the opportunity to jointly reflect on domain-specific methods of outcome-oriented early education, to identify common interfaces, and to define future potentials.

Besides the Siemens Foundation, as the main cooperation partner, implementation support will be provided by the Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Symposium on Social Sustainability

The symposium explores the concept of social sustainability from the perspectives of science and politics.

IASS, Kleist-Villa, Berliner Straße 130, 14467 Potsdam

The 2030 Agenda adopted by the UN in 2015 is the first such programme to systematically link social and ecological sustainable development goals (SDGs). And for the first time industrial nations are also called on to play their part in achieving the social SDGs. But to what extent do social and, in particular, sociopolitical modernisation objectives change when viewed through the sustainability lens? Is it even possible to speak of ‘social sustainability’, and what exactly is meant by that term?

Based on the recent study “Soziale Nachhaltigkeit. Auf dem Weg zur Internalisierungsgesellschaft” (Social Sustainability. Moving towards an Internalising Society) that the IASS commissioned from the Institute for Social Ecology (ISÖ), the symposium will address the following questions: What is the state of research on the relationship between the welfare regime and the environmental regime? How can aspects of social sustainability be measured? Can the concept of social sustainability contribute to greater transdisciplinarity in sustainability research? Can this concept contribute to the development of a new sociopolitical arena based on the SDGs and human rights?

Pairing Research Talks

Young researchers from the Einstein Center Digital Future present their research in the field of digitalisation in the form of short talks, after which they explore the interdisciplinary overlaps of their topics, and discuss these with the audience.

Einstein Center Digital Future, Wilhelmstraße 67, 10997 Berlin

Two young scientists, two digital topics and then just 15 minutes to pair their research: The PAIRING RESEARCH TALKS at the Einstein Center Digital Future is a new interdisciplinary format that will be launched during the Science Week 2017. The researchers explore different topics within the field of digitalisation, such as digital health, data security, wearable computing and the Internet of Things. Following the talks, the speakers will have the chance to discuss their research projects with the audience.

Registration is required, please send an email to info@digital-future.berlin.


Innovation in Healthcare
& Life Sciences

Insights about Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences. 

Data Space by SAP, Rosenthalerstr. 38, 10178 Berlin 

As part of the Berlin Science Week, the Data Space by SAP will give insights into Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences. Dr. Kai Sachs, Director Health Network at SAP Health Innovation Hub and Prof. Klemens Budde from Charité will present their joint MACSS (Medical Allround Care Service Solutions) Project.

Prof. Bertram Häussler, CEO at IGES Institute, will give a visionary keynote on the future of healthcare.

Entrepreneurship and Development Cooperation

Multi stakeholder panel discussion on the opportunities and potentials of startup ecosystems in the field of development cooperation.

enpact, Gleimstraße 50, 10437 Berlin

Entrepreneurship in development cooperation is currently one of the most promising discourses for sustainable development and economic growth in the developing world and emerging markets. After providing funding to states and large private companies, fostering entrepreneurship seems to be the third wave of development cooperation. By supporting local entrepreneurs and creating healthy startup ecosystem, economic growth is finally in the hands of local citizens.

But how does one effectively support an entrepreneurship ecosystem? What are the political framework conditions? And which investments are effective and really needed? Enpact’s Startup Meter uses indicators to measure gaps in startup ecosystems of cities in the developing world and emerging markets. This is one approach, but there are many more.

Discuss with us in a multi stakeholder panel with representatives from academia, politics, donor organizations and startups the opportunities and potentials of startup ecosystems in development cooperation.