The first Berlin Science Week 2016 brought together excellent academics and leading scientific institutions from all over the world in Berlin. 38 talks, conferences, panel discussions, festivals, award ceremonies and other formats took place at various locations in Berlin and Potsdam and more than 6000 participants - experts and interested audience - attended the 25 public and 13 invitation-only events.

The Leibniz-Kolleg for Young Researchers: Chances and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research

The Leibniz-Kolleg creates a platform for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers to discuss their interdisciplinary research, career options and funding opportunities with experienced scholars, career experts and peers.

Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Chausseestraße 111, 10115 Berlin

Interdisciplinarity facilitates to address research topics in a comprehensive way and from diverse angles. Be it climate change, smart industries, effects of globalization or the understanding of historical discourses and narratives – the different angles interdisciplinarity allows for are crucial to pervade, understand and solve complex challenges of our time. At the same time, interdisciplinarity is a challenge in the everyday of researchers: How can I best organise an interdisciplinary project? How does it affect career options? What are the best ways to publish research results? And which funding bodies support which kind of projects? The Leibniz-Kolleg for Young Researchers is addressed to PhD students in their final year and postdoctoral researchers and offers a forum to discuss these issues with experts in- and outside academia, experienced researchers and peers.

Falling Walls Conference

The International Conference on Future Breakthroughs in Science and Society

RADIALSYSTEM V, Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin

The 20th anniversary of the end of a divided Europe marked the starting point for a new and unprecedented science conference: More than 20 outstanding researchers from around the world and a wide range of disciplines convene to showcase their scientific breakthroughs in their respective fields of research – in 15 minutes each. Inspired by the peaceful fall of the Berlin Wall they are answering the question: Which are the next walls to fall? And how will that change our lives?
Speakers and subjects are rigorously reviewed in collaboration with leading research institutions. Topics range from medicine to high technology, from science to the humanities.